22 August 2010

Starting a book on Django and Cassandra

I am starting a book project, that I'm calling Integrated Django and Cassandra. While Django and Cassandra are at the 'center' (mostly meaning, beginning) of the book, the real focus is on going through a python project and showing how it integrates with numerous other technologies.

I know I don't exactly have much of an audience for this announcement, but it should be an interesting ride. I'll be using Hudson, EC2, Chef, github, twill, pycassa, mock, and lots of other stuff. I'm trying to write the book in reStructuredText using Sphinx, which is working pretty well so far.

I'll try to post about it as I go along. I'm hoping to make the book available as an ebook on a variety of platforms, when finished.


  1. Russell, you've been very quiet.
    How is the book coming along?

  2. Yeah, I'm a bad blogger. The book's coming along pretty well, though slowly, since it takes back seat to things like data analysis/statistics consulting (money is good) and preparing for my wedding :) .

    I anticipate it'll be done sometime in the next two to four months, hopefully. Though I'm right now contemplating adding a short chapter on jquery, and vaguely contemplating either switching Cassandra out for MongoDB or just having both in the book.